We have over 25 years of experience…

The company “DREWLUX” is a Polish firm working on the inland and foreign market from 1 June the year 1990. We are a producer of functional, modern and aesthetical door from the solid wood to offices, flats and companies. Our products characterizes the elegance of the finish, the wide variety of colours, the nice pattern-designing, the modern technology of the lacquer finish. The door are only from the solid wood materials.

The continuous supervision of the technical personnel and the owner of the firm assures the high grade of produced products: door, windows in the cooperation, windowsills, stairs, toolings of walls and openings. The modern machinery, the specialized technical personnel , professional crew will equal to every order which can be performed from the solid wood.

Introducing You the above information we assure that the realization of orders will be performed according to Your requirements. We trust also that our cooperation, thanks to the high grade of our products and to the professional service, will be profitably for both sides and presented version of the catalogue will permit to You to obtain the indispensable information on our products and will convince You to the cooperation with us.